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The Different Rules of Our President (June 2018)

David Brooks wrote what in my opinion is a terrific opinion piece in the Times that explains the actions of President Trump at the G7 this past weekend in a way that I hadn’t seen previously. The article is inciteful and sobering. (My thanks to Steve Schuster for bringing it to my attention.)

Brooks contrasts the high-trust politics that existed when the G7 was formed with the low-trust Trumpian worldview. High-trust is when participants “have shared values, have shared historical accomplishments, have a carefully nurtured set of relationships and live in a community of general friendship. Canada and the U.S. are neighbors and friends… However in the low-trust Trumpian worldview, values don’t matter; there are only interests. In the Trumpian worldview, friendship is just a con that other people try to pull on you before they screw you over.”

I could quote more, but instead I’m sharing the link with you and I urge you to read the piece. It’s not surprising to me that Brooks quotes Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, as they have had an ongoing dialogue and relationship. Sacks argues for the need to build community across differences. Otherwise, asserts Brooks, we will continue on the “moral race to the bottom,” an apt description of where we have been heading, sadly, for the past few this content.

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