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Joining the Beth Tikvah Family

    When you join Beth Tikvah you get more than a Jewish community, you become part of our family. Together we celebrate joyous occasions like Bnai Mitzvah, and we are there for each other in the hard times. At Beth Tikvah, we have the opportunity to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Membership also includes the services of Rabbi Mike, High Holiday Tickets, a voice in the operations of Beth Tikvah, opportunities to volunteer, spiritual services, stimulating classes and programs, and more. 

     Beth Tikvah Synagogue prides itself on removing barriers to membership. We welcome those of all backgrounds and we are open to all.  Our synagogue does not have fixed dues rates based on categories of membership.  Instead, Beth Tikvah Synagogue relies on a voluntary system of, Terumah.

     In the Torah, terumah indicated a "free-will" offering, not a required one. Your terumah is your membership pledge, an annual voluntary financial commitment that is used for our operating budget. For those renewing members, we request you make your Terumah (pledge) before the new fiscal year begins on July 1st

     Terumah has no singles/family dues distinction. It is not based on how many in a household are active at temple, or how often they use it. It is based on how much one's heart is moved to strengthen, celebrate and grow Jewish life at Beth Tikvah Synagogue, and a household's own financial capacity. Allowing members to set their own financial commitment opens the doors even wider to all, regardless of financial situation. Everyone gives as much as they are able and no one has to ask for reduced dues. 

    Your generosity makes it possible for Beth Tikvah Synagogue to welcome everyone who wishes to worship with us. Please be thoughtful about your financial ability to contribute, and if you are able, consider pledging at a higher level so that Beth Tikvah can remain accessible to those who could not otherwise afford to be part of our mishpacha (family).

The recommended sustaining Terumah level for 2023 -2024 is $2,800 per household.

  • If you are able to give more than the recommended level, please consider pledging at the Amudim (pillars) $10,000, Shomrim (Guardians) $7,500, Manhigim (Leaders) $5,000, or Bonim (Builders) $3,600 levels.

  • If you need to give less, please do so, and know that your gift is equally appreciated.

How do I join Beth Tikvah Synagogue?

     To join Beth Tikvah Synagogue, please fill in and submit the membership and  Terumah (pledge) forms on-line. Or, you may download the membership form and terumah (pledge) form and submit them via mail.  You will receive a welcome letter after your membership information and pledge is processed. If you have any questions about terumah or membership at Beth Tikvah, please contact our VP of Membership, Benita Amsden, or check out our frequently asked questions.


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