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7th Grade HIV Tzedakah Project for AIDS United

04/29/2020 02:44:25 AM



AIDS United is an organization that helps in many aspects of combatting the HIV pandemic since its beginnings in the 1980s. This organization assist in research for treatment and cure, political and legislative action to support citizens with HIV, and a variety of other aspects ranging from science based to anti-bias content. Please read the mission statement from AIDS United, and consider donating by using the link below. . We have come a long way in research and treatment for HIV, and hope to see its total eradication in the near future. Please see the CDC link below detailing a plan for ending HIV in our country. Thank you for your support.
AIDS United’s policy and advocacy roots were born out of coalition in 1984, when AIDS service organizations (ASOs) across the country came together to form AIDS Action Council (AAC). AIDS Action Foundation (AAF) was formed as the education arm a few years later. AAC and AAF together formed AIDS Action. Decades later, AIDS Action merged with the National AIDS Fund to form AIDS United. Today, the coalition of organizations involved in AIDS United’s policy work continues to grow. We advocate for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and the organizations that serve them. We house the most seasoned and respected domestic AIDS policy team in Washington, DC, and our public policy work is informed by our Public Policy Committee that includes a broad array of organizations from all regions of the country engaged in helping to end HIV in America.
AIDS United/ Donate Now
Ending the HIV Epidemic/ CDC - A Plan for America
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