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Beth Tikvah Synagogue depends on your act of generosity and kindness – of Tzedakah – to support our programs and facilities and help us meet the needs of our growing and diverse synagogue community. Making a charitable gift or donation to Beth Tikvah is a special way to commemorate or remember family, friends and neighbors on all types of occasions. Thank you for choosing to support Beth Tikvah Synagogue.

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Enter above any additional information you would like noted in our newsletter or in the donation note. For example - "in honor of Abe's 100th Birthday - Mazel Tov Abe!"

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Choose the Fund(s) you wish to donate to and fill in the amount(s) to donate. Please do not use $ or decimal point.  For example, to donate $36 - you must enter 36.

This fund may only be used for capital improvements and our future home

This fund is used at the discretion of the Rabbi

This fund provides financial assistance for religious school tuition to Beth Tikvah members who are in need

This fund supports Jewish learning events and series for the Beth Tikvah community

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Siddur Order Form
Dedication fields will appear after you select a quantity. If you are ordering more than 1 siddur you may enter a different dedication in each one. If you would like the same dedication in each of them, please state that in the comment field below and ignore the additional dedication fields.
Enter Siddur Dedications
Make a donation for a yahrzeit or in memory of a loved one.
Dedicate the siddur in honor of someone.

Dedicate a siddur to celebrate a simcha (joyous occassion) such as a birthday.
Please put your name(s) as you would like it to appear on the bookplate.
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