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High Holidays 2017/5778

Welcome to another year at Beth Tikvah Synagogue. This page contains information on High Holiday tickets, service schedules, and babysitting.  


Beth Tikvah synagogue has always had a policy of welcoming anyone to services regardless of ability to pay. However, the costs of running a synagogue are significant, and we ask that people who attend, who are not members, help support the synagogue. For this reason, we have established recommended donations for High Holiday seats. In addition, tickets are complimentary for college students, military personnel, and families who are new to the area.

For security purposes, we ask that guests who come to our High Holiday services please contact us in advance to arrange for tickets. You can download this form fillable reservation form and send it with a  a check payable to: Beth Tikvah Synagogue, Memo: HH Tickets, to Shelley Dubin, 71 Crawford St., Northborough, MA 01532. As part of our “green initiative” we will not mail out “tickets”. We will send confirming emails.

You may also reserve and pay for seats on-line here.

At Beth Tikvah Synagogue we no longer charge set dues rates for membership. Our new pledge based system, called Terumah, is a "free-will" offering, not a required one. Your Terumah is your membership pledge, an annual voluntary financial commitment that is used for our operating budget. If you are interested in joining the Beth Tikvah family go to for more information.

Please call Shelley Dubin, High Holiday Coordinator, at 508-616-9037, if you have any questions. Come join our inviting, joyful and spirited community for the High Holidays!

High Holiday Schedule

Rosh Hashanah

          Sept. 20,   Wednesday, Erev Rosh Hashanah           7:00 PM

          Sept. 21,   Thursday, 1st Day Rosh Hashanah

              Start                                                              9:30 AM

              Babysitting (2 yrs.-K)                                    9:30-1 PM

              Children’s service (grades K-6)                 10:30-12 PM

              Torah reading                                              10:30 AM

                            Sermon                                           11:30 AM

              Taschlich at nearby Lake Chauncy following services.                          

                            (Bring walking shoes)                       1:30 PM

Sept. 22,    Friday, 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah (No reservations required)

     Start                                                             9:30 AM

     Torah reading                                              10:30 AM

     Sermon                                                        11:30 AM

                                                    (no children’s services or formal babysitting on the second day.      

                                                     A playroom will be available for parents to go with their children)

Yom Kippur   

Sept. 29,    Friday, Kol Nidre

                   Start                                                              6:00 PM

Sept. 30,    Saturday, Yom Kippur day

                   Start                                                               9:30 AM

                   Babysitting   (2 yrs – K)                                  9:30-1 PM

                   Children’s Service (grades K-6)                   10:30-12 PM       

                   Torah reading                                               10:30 AM

                    Sermon/Yizkor                                            11:30 AM

Break                                                              1:30 PM

                    Mincha/Neilah                                             5:15-7:20 PM

      Shofar Blowing/Break-fast Pot Luck                        7:20 PM

Note: other than the start times, all times are approximate


Free babysitting is available from 9:30 to 1:00 pm for children under age 8, but, we do request that you make reservations in advance. More information on babysitting, children's services, and the reservation form can be found here.

High Holiday Logistics

Parking - There is parking in front of the building and behind the building. There are also a few spaces on the left side (as you face the building).

Entrance/Exit - The entrance is our normal Beth Tikvah doorway. People may exit through the old JCC Doors.

Babysitting/Children's services - (there will be signs)

Babysitting is in the corner room near the restrooms. The children's services will be in our classrooms on either side of the babysitting room.

Children's services: will begin at approximately 10:30 AM. They begin after the Torah is processed around the sanctuary and placed on the table. At that time, our teen helpers will meet the children by the door at the back of the sanctuary to take them to their services. After services, the younger children will go into the babysitting room. Older children will join their families in the sanctuary after the Rabbi's sermon is finished.

Building - The classrooms to the left of the old JCC entrance and that side of the building is undergoing renovations. No one is permitted to go into that area of the building. There will be a sign.

Sun, July 22 2018 10 Av 5778