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Terumah (Pledge) Form

Beth Tikvah Pledge Form 2020 - 2021

Beth Tikvah Synagoguge’s ability to welcome everyone who wishes to worship with us depends on your generosity. The impact of Covid-19 may make this year particularly difficult for some in our mishapacha (family). Please be thoughtful about your financial ability to contribute and, if you are able, consider pledging at a higher level so that Beth Tikvah can remain accessible to all who want to be part of our mishpacha.

Terumah levels

Amudim (Pillars):        $10,000 and up

Shomrim (Guardians): $ 7,500 and up

Manhigim (Leaders):    $ 5,000 and up

Bonim (Builders):         $ 3,600 and up

Sustaining:                   $ 2,500 and up 

Supporter: any $ amount appreciated

Enter in the amount only, no dollar sign.

Fri, June 18 2021 8 Tammuz 5781